BV Consulting was established in January 2005 as a construction firm at the mentioned time government was new all these consulting programs implemented by construction and NGOs later the government decide to establish a consulting section. Its professional integrity and service excellence rapidly gained a lasting reputation for delivering result-oriented consultancy services. Subsequently, activities were diversified to provide development consultancy, continuing professional development programs, data processing & analysis and event management services. Since the early BV ventured into providing Qualitative and Quantitative Research Services. Since then BV has successfully conducted several of studies in association with other national firms, BV’s studies are carried out under the leadership of highly competent and experienced team members who are well acknowledged experts in their respective fields, appropriately drawn from BV’s panel with their consent and total commitment. BV’s consultants are well practiced in looking objectively at the challenges that a business or an intervention faces and developing appropriate, workable and cost effective solutions. BV’s role as a consultant’s house is to provide expert, independent, practical and pragmatic decisions. With the truest partnership spirit, BV works “alongside” with the clients instead of working “for” them. BV’s approach is based on hard-earned experience, rather than on textbook solutions. The hard- core professionalism, undaunted integrity and uncompromising excellence of service of BV have duly earned high level of customer satisfaction and reliability.