BV provide research and Engineering Consulting Services as an expert independently, practical and pragmatic decisions. With the truest partnership spirit, BV works "alongside" with the clients instead of working "for" them. BV's approach is based on hard-earned experience, rather than on textbook solutions. The hard-core professionalism, undaunted integrity and uncompromising excellence of BV's services have duly earned high level of customer satisfaction and reliability. All three centres have both intellectual and logistical resource-base that is unmatched in the country. Each of the centres is highly professional, unparalleled in functional efficiency and strategically organized to provide ample scope for future expandability and relentless enhancement of service quality. The Centre for Research & Management Consulting concentrates on providing consolidated business management and development research solutions, while the Centre for Continuing Professional Development offers wide range of skill development programs for practicing and prospective business professionals to enhance their experience and functional capability. Finally, the Centre for Data Processing & Analysis offer a spectrum of digitization services.